100% Organic Clothes

Wear Me Good is an ethically driven clothing company, that believes in sustainable and fair trade practices. At Wear Me Good, we understand that the conscious decision to buy ethically made products takes a laudable amount of perception. We believe in crafting pieces that are of high quality, reasonably priced, and comfortable.







Final Product


Our aesthetic is rooted in slow fashion, each collection leaning toward staple wardrobe essentials of impeccable quality which translates through the organic, sustainable fabrics and timeless designs we use.

The organic cotton and dyes are sourced from Global Organic Textile Standard and Fair Trade certified units. We work with a production facility in Kolkata that prohibits child labor, has a clean and safe working environment and pays fair wages to the workers. The organic cotton is sourced from Chetna Organic Farmers’ Association, an organisation that works with small and marginal farmers towards improving their quality of life and making farming a sustainable and profitable occupation.

By working directly with farmers and production units, we ensure they are the ones to benefit, rather than the middleman. Our markup is less than 3x. This choice allows us to take manufacturing back to the regions, where products and materials originate, extending local business to an international market.

We offer products made with care at fair prices that benefit the farmers, the earth, and us. We believe in making a developmental change - Wear Me Good is the exciting start.